Saturday, July 11, 2015

Family + Friends = Framily: A Thank You to Our Amazing Loved Ones

Ten days ago we packed up our moving truck and left our home in Pennsylvania to make a new life in North Carolina.  During times of transition and stress, it can be hard to hold on to what matters most.  It becomes difficult to laugh when all you want to do is cry because you have 30 minutes left before you need to be out of your old apartment and there are still boxes that need to be moved and cats that need to be placed in their carriers.  It can all seem so overwhelming.

The past year has been full of "new beginnings" for us.  Our wedding was exactly 30 days before our big move...we like to cram all we can into one month in an effort to maximize stress. ha! In reality, we thought having our wedding right before our move would be a good way to wrap up our time in Pittsburgh.  And, we were right.  This morning, as I woke to a cat sleeping on my face, I began to think about the day of our wedding.  Thoughts of how much fun it was, how handsome my husband looked and how I loved having everyone close ran through my mind but I then became overwhelmed with gratitude and humility for all that was captured on that day.  A huge thanks to All Heart Photo & Video for documenting our day.

We were lucky enough to fill a room with some of our closest friends and family on our wedding day.  Loved ones from all over the country left their hectic lives for a few days to be with us in Pittsburgh and there is really no way we could ever say thank you enough.  Last night, H walked into the room and found me crying uncontrollably while watching our wedding video for probably the 1,000 time.  Lately, when we've been feeling out of sorts and lost in our new city, we'll pull out the video and watch it.  Instantly, we smile and cry happy tears.  Our happiness while watching is not only derived from the fact that we had our dream wedding but that there were so many huge hearts surrounding us throughout the day.  Friends and family played an important part in the day and the love we felt that day is still with us.  H and I keep looking at each other and say "We have amazing family and friends.  We are so dang lucky!"

When I look back on the day all I see is color.  I see loved ones surrounding us, bursting with love, laughter and dance moves that could make anyone smile.  I see brightly colored paper flowers hanging from the ceiling.  I see clear eyes, open arms and big smiles.  I see our guests, holding our rings in their hands to bless them before H and I placed them on our fingers.  I see friends in vibrantly colored outfits dancing and jumping joyfully to the music.  I see family surrounding us as we said our vows.  I see pure laughter, comfort, and no pretense.  I feel the love and guidance of loved and close friends who couldn't make the wedding. I see a room full of treasured, adored, loved and gentle humans.  I see a dedication to each other that was renewed, energized and strengthened. 

What I see is more than groups of people gathered in a room. 

I see framily. 

I see it clearly.