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David Blaine's Ten Reasons to Not Buy "Border Theory"

Ten Reasons to Not Buy "Border Theory"

1. You already have a copy.
(This is the only legit reason, really.)

2. You have that copy of Moby Dick that you still haven't read from the ninth grade.

3. You're waiting for the movie to come out.

4. No Habla Engles

5. The feds are making a list of everything you read and you have to be very careful.

6. It's on your summer reading list BUT you live in Michigan, so.....

7. You are waiting for the New York Times to publish a review.

8. Spent all your spare change on coffee, cab far, a bus token, or a tall boy of Milwaukee's Best Ice.

9. As a matter of fact, you do have your head up your ass, don't you?

10. You are afraid to confront the personal demons that hold you captive in the suffocating existence that you refer to as your life. (Sorry to go heavy on you there.)

"Border Theory" is Now Available!


Blast Furnace Press Interview: "lavender & honey"

1.) When did you start to write poetry/what is your earliest recollection of writing? Who encouraged you? Who discouraged you, if anyone? What were some "words of wisdom" bestowed upon you about writing (pro and con)?

Embarassingly, I started writing poems in junior high to get the attention of a boy I had a huge crush on. But early on the importance of the arts and history was impressed upon me by my grandparents. They were the ones to buy me my first book of poetry and always encouraged me to do what made me happy.

2.) Who are your literary/artistic/creative influences? Whose work do you admire?

I am influenced a great deal by music and the visual arts. Overall, I think my greatest influences are the everyday occurrences of life. I find that my creativity is driven by the domestic. I admire writers and artists who focus on the life of ordinary people as well. Julia Alvarez and Billy Collins are my strongest influences but I also enjoy Jane Kenyon, Saul Williams, and, Wi…

David Blaine's Review of "Border Theory"

Please read David Blaine's review of Border Theory.  
Thanks, David!

Margaret Bashaar's Review of "Border Theory"

Check out the latest review of Border Theory, by Margaret Bashaar.
Thanks, Margaret!

"Border Theory" is Now Available!