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Yeah, I have a crush on Shel Silverstein...

San Fran Renaissance?

Beer and Gratitude

There is some relief this morning from the scorching heat of the week. Yesterday, the temperature reached close to 100 degrees and sweat was my constant companion.

I usually have Sunday mornings off and try to use it as a time for reflection and writing. When being pulled in multiple directions, due to work or other commitments, it's challenging to find the space to sit with one's ideas.

Last night I met up with a group of friends at a local bar. Most of the group did not know each other as they are friends from different areas of my life, yet they all gelled and got along. Our common thread was personality. Most of us are writers, some are mothers, others are single, some are married, and others are in relationships. As I looked around the table I felt a deep gratitude because I was surrounded by wonderful and creative people.

So much in life depends upon who orbits your world. When orbited by negative or selfish people, it is easy to become frustrated, lonely and jaded. In c…

Sunday Gratitudes

On this hot Sunday afternoon, I am most grateful for breakfasts spent with loved ones and friends, the sun shining through the window, fat cats sleeping in chairs and on the floor, gentle words and sweet bird songs.

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