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Color Me Bad: Poetry & Stuff Reading: CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER!

Check it out! We're back and ready to start the new year with some poetry. Join us on January 25th!

January Small Stones: Days 1-5

Day 1

This new year
brings with it
fresh snow, abundance and you.

Day 2

January snowstorm
from the view of a  hilltop apartment
shows only the peace of a blizzard below.

We are too high
to notice the rest.

Day 3

All but orange and red
outline the window.

Outside, the snow continues
to fall
and you are
hours away.

Day 4

Steam from the humidifier
a gray cat on my lap
and a poem in the air.

Day 5

Sunday afternoon
I walk in the woods
with an old friend.

Winter air
woodpeckers above
snow underneath
our warm feet.